The Pomfret Poodle Poolouza is our annual Wool ‘n Wind family reunion! Every summer on a weekend in July or August, the family gathers for a BBQ potluck on the farm. This is our way of keeping in touch with everyone, seeing all of our fur-kids from year to year and connecting with the greatest bunch of folks we know. After 5 litters, our family has grown to over 25 families, each considered our ‘poodle-blood’ relatives!

On Poolouza Day, families come from NY, VT, NH. MA. CT and RI. They bring their families and their poodles, and a dish to share! There is no greater joy than to watch the 40+ humans mingling on the deck, while 25+ poodles mingle OFF LEAD around the farm! When you buy a Wool ‘n Wind puppy you are, in a very real way, joining our very special family!