The Puppies

Our fur-kids mean the world to us!

Ebbi with her puppies.

At Wool ‘n Wind, we love every aspect of breeding quality purebred dogs. We are challenged by the art and science of developing a breeding program. Finding the animals that you love and working hard to recreate those traits that you find most appealing must be balanced by minimizing faults and improving the breed. We enjoy campaigning an occasional dog in the show ring to ensure that our progeny is up to the standard. But what we love most is puppies!

Caring for a bitch in whelp, watching her grow and delivering her babies is a gift for those fortunate enough to experience it. As empty-nesters, we also enjoy the social life our puppies create. Every litter yields new friends, many hours of local friends coming over to help with socializing, and many more spent meeting and teaching new puppy owners (new family members!) about the joys of adding a poodle to their home. Typically, we breed one to two litters a year.

Every puppy bred at Wool ‘n Wind is a product of extensive genetic consultation and health testing. All sires and dams are tested to confirm that they have sound hips and elbows, they are clear for vonWilibrand’s Disease and Neonatal Encephalopathy, Sebaceous Adenitis and they are CAER certifed with the Companion Animal Eye Registry. In our opinion, this testing is necessary to insure that the puppies we breed have the best genetic foundation for a long and healthy life.

Wool ‘n Wind puppies are all whelped and raised in our home. They are handled from birth by the many adults and children who are a part of our life. Scheduled visits for ‘puppy cuddles’ begin after the puppies are a week old and continue, ensuring every puppy gets daily one-to-one social time until the puppy goes to their forever home. We love to meet and talk with prospective buyers and prefer at least one on-site visit prior to selling a puppy. We do not ship puppies.

Our puppies are all sold with a contract, informing you of what we expect from the people who buy our puppies and what you can expect from us. We are in this for the long haul, and our hope is that, through puppy ownership, we become your poodle family, a resource that you can count on for years to come.

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