Macy & Maslow Litter

Sunday, September 26th was a beautiful fall day. The end of a family Harvest Moon weekend. After waiting and watching from her due date on Thursday, Macy finally delivered the pup that would become Pippin around 2:00pm . Kayla was on hand to be my extra hands and witness her first whelping. By 8:00pm Macy had delivered all 9 puppies and was quietly nursing her brood. Puppy number one, was the smallest, becoming Pip Squeak and quickly being re-named Pippin by Branden and Kayla, who would ultimately become his forever parents. This was also the litter that I had committed the pick girl to my grand daughter, who would come to be named Luna (Wool ‘n Wind’s Shoot the Moon). So two of these pups remain in the family. The others, Gus, Olaf, Finn, Georgia, Charlie Bucket, ?, ? went on to live in CT, NY, MA, RI and Canada. This was another litter that was raised with lots of visitors, having exposure to over 100 different people before they were seven weeks old. This method of puppy rearing led to another litter of perfect Volhard scores, with every puppy scoring between 3 and 4.

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