Alli & Gabriel Litter

April 21, 2012

Our first litter was the outcome of a breeding between Alli and Gabriel “Tivin’s Colours of the Wind”. Eight beautiful puppies were born on April 21, 2012 — Abby, Ebbi, Charley, Gwynnie, Wheezie, Potter, Rusty and Henry. After much deliberation, Ebbi was the girl we chose to keep for our own. The rest of the litter went to wonderful homes who were the ‘first generation’ of Wool ‘n Wind ‘adoptees’. 

While Ebbi stayed on the farm, her brothers and sisters went far and wide: 

Charley – Branden Grant, Chaplin, CT *  Abby – Fred and Julie Robinson, Sherman, CT * Wheezie – Laurence and Jane Hale, Pomfret, CT * Henry – Kurt and Cassie McNally * Rusty – Scott and Sarah McGinley, North Kingstown, RI * Potter – Leo and Winnie Denis, North Chittendon, VT * Gwynnie, Lisa and Dan Hayes, Smithville Flats, NY.