Amelia & Georgio Litter

We were so excited with the arrival of Amelia’s first litter. Nine beautiful Standard Poodle puppies born on February 7, 2018.  Amelia’s first attempt at motherhood was a beautifully uniform litter with 3 black boys, 2 cream boys, and 4 black girls. Amelia and all of 9 of her puppies thrived! After 8 weeks of puppy cuddling and family visits this group all moved on to incredible forever families and began their stories anew!

Bowie, Smithfield RI, Bodie, Durham CT, MJ, Chicago, IL, Shadow, Stoneington, CT, Roonie, Woodstock, CT, Ember, Sterling, MA Cane, NY Louie, Danielson,CT and Hamilton, Smithfield, RI. We are thrilled  that Ember, Louie, Hamilton and MJ have each made providing therapy or support a major part of their every-day.

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Puppies are due December 2023! Contact us if you are interested in an interview.